Slushy snow is the best to roll in!

Oh man! All the snow from last week is melting!  Slushy snow is my favorite to roll around in! We went to Hunters Creek again, to get away from the busy St. Patrick’s Day parade at home.


We didn’t get very far into the trails, and found prints from someones huge dog! Look they are bigger than my head.

A few stops to roll in the slush were needed.



Back scratch!


These trees got tired and need to lean on the others


You sure you don’t wanna roll around with me?



One more quick roll around


Yeah – I know where I’m going. This way!



Gotta check the pee-mail!


Yeah water whatever – I can has some of those snacks?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What is this echo thing? His voice is over here. Then it’s over there?


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