Lost on the purple trail

The plan was a quick loop of the purple trail to check out the trail work done a few weeks ago. Then if we had daylight remaining we would go up the orange trail to check out the new bridge and new trail we cut.


First we have to pick up the scent to follow.IMG_20170414_183742

So far so good.IMG_20170414_184328

So many down trees from the wind storm. Most that are blocking the trail have been cut so the trail is passable.IMG_20170414_190135

I found a new house!IMG_20170414_185145

We found a Log!IMG_20170414_190756

This was a maze of downed trees. We stopped for a snack since we had a place to sit. However the trail markings were not really clear in here.IMG_20170414_190947

While busy looking for trail markers Harley killed time by rolling around in some unknown substance.


Eventually we stumbled upon a creek and traced our way back to a different part of the trail, crossed the creek, and then decided to backtrack to the car.


Good thing since we were losing light.


Harley is going to keep me safe if the blair witch comes out


Made it back to the trailhead, just before sunset.IMG_20170414_194734

The plan vs act

I think we came across some old blazes, from a bisecting trail that is no longer on the map. Once we spotted the trail on the other side of a small feeder creek, we decided to cross the creek then go backwards to reach the car.

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