Searching for Trolls under the Stone Bridge


We headed up to Little Rock City state forest, to explore part of the North Country Trail/FLT. Starting up at the Little Rock City parking area, we followed the 4 Rocks mtb trail, down till the end, then got on the North Country trail.

We were interested in finding the Stone Bridge on this section of the trail.


First of many sniff breaks along the way.

This part of the trail appears to be an old 1 lane stone road. Or its an old creek bed. Either way its rocky and very uneven terrain going down in elevation.


Once the trail levels off, it crisscrosses along an old snowmobile trail. Then it flattens out. From the top this just appears to be a normal trail or bridge.IMG_20170612_124323

IMG_20170612_124007However if you sneak a peak off to the side, you realize that its an old stone bridge!  I think it’s from the late 1800’s.


We hiked back up the way we came. The NCT follows this stretch of Salamanca road for a bit. I think it’s a dead end road, but i wouldn’t mind coming back here with a bike.


Now this is a happy tired pupper!

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